20 years of partnership – Nelson Mandela bay municipality and Gothenburg city

This booklet is a record of important work done during the twenty-year partnership between City of Gothenburg in Sweden and Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality in South Africa from 1999 to 2019. This booklet complements two previous publications: 10 Years of Development Cooperation – The Urban Development Programme 1996-2007 and Swedish-South African Cooperation and Partnership/Friendship – Nelson Mandela Bay South Africa/Gothenburg Sweden – produced in 2008.

The work would not have been possible without contributions and support from past and present Partnership Management Committee members, Partnership Coordinators, Project Leaders and Project Team members in both cities. In addition, there are many other role-players from the projects and partnership that added perspective and richness to the work done by the cities and which have influenced this booklet.

Sida has supported and funded the partnership since its inception through various agencies. Without the historical support and current financial support and encouragement from the International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD) this booklet could not have been produced.