TangMa Training Programme OWRE

Cities are now home to more than half of the global human population, and the urban share will continue to increase. Two areas of great concern in this context are waste management and clean energy provision.

Tangshan, a city with ambitious plans for its prestigious venture of constructing the Caofeidian International Eco-city, addresses these issues as parts of its catalogue of priorities. Malmö has already acquired valuable experience in the combination of the two topics in unique pilot systems for the utilisation of organic waste as a resource for urban renewable energy.

A three-year training programme has been drafted, at which experts from both cities will come together as trainees to take part in seminars, workshops and site visits for mutual benefit and progressive capacity building in Tangshan and Malmö alike. The objectives are to prepare the launch in Caofeidan of this kind of systems and to help both partners arrive at strategies for large-scale implementation. The expected results include the provision of better baselines and benchmarks that will assist in attaining these objectives.

Expected results:

  • Designated areas and concrete plans for the establishment of an OWRE (Organic Waste as a resource for Urban Renewable Energy) systems solution within the Caofeidian International Eco-city. Construction under way. Tests being conducted.
  • A collection of completed technical and complementary pre-studies defining and answering key-questions in preparation for the establishment of OWRE systems by Tangshan in Caofeidian.
  • Strategy documents for both cities, in which the issues of comprehensive OWRE solutions for the future is included, with references to the experiences made within the framework of the exchanges performed under the TangMa OWRE training programme.