SEKOS; Socialt Entreprenörskap Kosovo

This project proposal means a two-year implementation between the City of Växjö and Komuna Vushtrri, in which also Coompanion Kronoberg, social enterprises, networks and the Linnaeus University will participate. The project takes its starting-point from the development of social entrepreneurship in Sweden, which has not yet reached Kosovo. The municipal function to support businesses in Vushtrri has limited resources and no qualified knowledge to inform or support social entrepreneurship.

The objective of the new project is to strengthen understanding of the social entrepreneurship as concept – within the municipal organizations in Växjö and Vushtrri but also among citizens in society.

The project aims to build up a stronger business function in Vushtrri, which in the long run could result in new social enterprises being established. New social enterprises have the ability to employ new groups and reduce the alarming unemployment-rate of 50 %, which finally will promote individual safety, economic sustainment and social inclusion.

The project implementation will use several different methods: presentations, workshops, SWOT analysis, production of film about social entrepreneurship, visit to school-classes and education for youths, pupils, civil society, young entrepreneurs etc. The project means a win-win perspective and will be implemented with respect to women’s and men’s needs/prerequisites, environment and fundamental human rights.