Left-Behind Children Caring Support

The overall objective of the project is that local authorities will have a high level of competence about stay-at-home children and teenagers.

The project will primarily be conducted at the “Stay-at-home children and teenagers caring centre” in Qiankou Village but the methods and tools developed during the project and the results will be transferable to all centers in Huangshan City, both established and new. The left-behind children and teenagers Centre in Qiankou Village will offer professional support for the children and for their parents and grandparents. The employees and volunteers working at the center have got knowledge in professional methods and tools to be able to give the children and parents professional support. Their ability to give psychological counseling will have increased.

The expected results are:

  • the participants have got a pre-understanding about family systems, views on children and parents expectations on children’s ability at different ages in the both countries
  • the employees at the Centre in Qiankou Village have good knowledge in children’s basic needs
  • methods have been shared to get maintained communication and relationships between parents and children
  • the Stay-at-home center provides support for grandparents
  • activities for younger children have started
  • leisure activities for children and teenagers have been developed.