Learning Center

Arvidsjaur Municipality will together with Mwanga District create an active Learning Center with the objective to increase knowledge on both individual – and group level and thereby fight poverty, increase equality, create a sustainable society and develop local democracy.The Learning Center will be based on the needs of knowledge and experiences required in Mwanga District and develop methods for distance learning which corresponds to the individual’s needs and local conditions that exist in the respective districts (wards).

The overall aim for establishment of centres for distance learning in Mwanga District is to:

  • fight poverty;
  • further develop local democracy and equality;
  • create conditions for sustainable economic and environmental development through new opportunities for knowledge and studies locally in Mwanga.

In the short term:

  • a methodology for distance learning prepared for Mwanga District / Guideline;
  • a minimum of ten teachers, trained in distance learning acting as mentors and ambassadors;
  • a minimum of 15 participants completed a pilot training.

In the longer term:

  • conditions for various functions of society to recruit qualified staff through distance learning;
  • ability to further studies which gives the individual greater freedom and ability to develop.