To strengthen the inclusion of young mothers in the local community

For almost 10 years, Arvidsjaur municipality and Mwanga district have collaborated within the framework of the Partnership Agreement, which was signed in 2009. A co-operation that gradually resulted in more structural changes in the local municipal organization and with clear effects in the operational operations.

After almost 4 years, in close cooperation with the Healthcare Committee (REHAB project), the insights on each other’s problem images / competencies have been clarified. This has, inter alia, meant that the Steering Committee chose to focus on the situation of young mothers and how the municipality should act to better include young mother in local society. A group that grew in number in Mwanga and there the situation in Arvidsjaur, also changed negatively in recent years.

In a well-defined pilot area, Lembeni ward, the results will develop guidelines, working methods and an organization that utilizes society’s all available resources to better include the young mother and child / children in local communities.

The project will be unique in the Kilimanjaro region and it will also bring Arvidsjaur new insights and ideas into the new challenges that today exist in Arvidsjaur.