Governance for Integrated Environmental Systems on Waste and Water Management

The city of Umeå and Kajiado County Government have established a collaboration in an inception phase financed by the ICLD.

The project described in this application aims at strengthening the capacity within the Kajiado County Government in the area of integrated environment systems for waste and water management.

The application is based on a thorough stakeholder and problem analysis, describing the vast needs in Kajiado County and for the accountable County Government to work for sustainable needs in the area of waste and water. As for Umeå, the project is a part in the paying attention to the constant need of renovation and improvements of existing waste- and water systems in Umeå. These are common to be taken for granted, both by the public and by decision makers, but demand constant service and investments in order to function well.

The project will last for 3 years. The City of Umeå collaborates with the Kajiado Country Government through its leading politicians and the municipality owned company VAKIN. VAKIN is responsible for waste and water management in Umeå and functions as a competence building resourse in the region as well as internationally.

The project will contribute to build capacity on sustainable waste and water management for all the stakeholders working at the county government level. Local politicians and decision makers will have received information about sustainable waste and water management at the end of this project. Moreover, the project will also establish a foundation for, and deliver formal decisions on a policy for integrated waste and water management for Kajiado County.