Good Governance and Municipal Management Development

Democracy and democratic methods are words often used without reflected upon. What does it stand for? It´s natural that the biggest party also hold the political power, but how do they use it and how is the power divided between politicians and municipal employees. In a functioning democracy is it very important that both politicians and employees are aware of and respect each other’s roles. These questions are always current both in countries like Sweden and in new democracies like Namibia.

The aim of the project is to create a strategy for the democratic work. To define the roles and thereby create an open society where both politicians and employees can feel safe in their roles and where the public easily can find their way to the correct person.

Expected results:

  • A clear division between roles in the respective organisation and in the long run a more effective organisation.
  • An organisation that is clear to the citizens and makes it easy to know who to contact on what issues.
  • A plan of action that will be possible to follow up on and consists of quantifiable data.