Education on sustainable development linked to environmental and democratic issues from the perspective of Halmstad and Moshi municipalities

The project is cooperation between the education authorities of Moshi municipality in Tanzania and Halmstad municipality in Sweden.

The main purpose of the cooperation is school development through pedagogical exchange between an Upper secondary School in Halmstad and two vocational and one theoretical school in Moshi.

The purpose of this cooperation is to highlight themes such as environment and democracy and how pedagogic personnel in Moshi and Halmstad work with these themes in their teaching. The final goal with the teacher exchange is to develop new methods of how knowledge of environment and democracy, in the long-term, can be integrated in the best way into the teaching in Moshi and Halmstad, and to carry out initiatives of environmental teaching in the participating countries methods of education. A further goal of the project is to improve the cooperation between the schools and other municipal authorities in Moshi and Halmstad on these actual questions.

By, within the framework of the project, reprocessing, the students will have the opportunity to be a part of the development and connect their project work to ongoing municipal environmental and democratic projects. The aim is to increase the communal cooperation and to give the students an increased understanding of the importance of working towards a long term sustainable community. Besides this, the development of sustainable environmental ventures within, for example energy production and energy efficiency is progressing at a great rate, and both teachers and students should be updated and involved in the work in Moshi and Halmstad.