Advisory Group

En viktig del av ICLD:s kunskapscentrum är den rådgivande grupp med svenska och internationella forskare, som gör att ICLD kan ta del av och sprida aktuell forskning.
ICLD Advisory Group består av: Amalinda Savarini, Anders Lidström, Andreas Ladner, Annika Björkdahl, Jesse C. Ribot, Quinton Mayne, Sten Hagberg, Tomila Lankina och Valeria Guarneros-Meza

Amalinda Savirani – Professor of Political Science at Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia

Amalinda’s PhD research focused on the political behaviour of business actors responding to political shifts and neoliberalism in Pekalongan, Central Java, in Sociology and Anthropology. Her research interests include studies of social movements in the urban sector and labour with political economy.

Anders Lidström – Professor, Department of Political Science, Umeå University

Anders’ research focuses on local politics and government, comparative politics and education policy. This includes studies of local democracy and self-government, and political participation in city-regions, both within Sweden and in a comparative perspective. He has also carried out research on education policy, with a particular focus on how this is shaped at the local level.

Andreas Ladner – Director of the Institute of Advanced Studies in Public Administration at University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Anders’ areas of research have been on Swiss public administration, local government, the quality of democracy, institutional change, political parties and voting advice applications. He has conducted a series of major research projects of the Swiss National Science Foundation and wrote a larger number of books and articles on the topics mentioned above

Annika Björkdahl – Professor, Department of Political Science, Lund University

Annika’s research includes international and local peacebuilding with a particular focus on urban peacebuilding, and gender and transitional justice and she is currently directing three research projects: Vulnerable Cities; The Politics of Memory; and Cultural Heritage of Conflict: Peacebuilding and the Politics of Memory. 

Jesse C. Ribot – Professor, School of International Service at American University, Washington, DC, USA

Before starting at AU August 2018, Jesse spent a decade as a professor of Geography, Anthropology and Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences and Director of the Social Dimensions of Environmental Policy Initiative at the University of Illinois. He has also worked for numerous development agencies, such as World Bank and United Nations. His research focuses on decentralization and democratic local government, natural resource tenure and access, distribution along natural resource commodity chains and household vulnerability in the face of climate and environmental change.

Quinton Mayne –  Associate Professor of Public Policy, Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, USA

Quinton’s research lies at the intersection of comparative and urban politics, with a particular interest in political behaviour and social policy in advanced industrial democracies. His fields of expertise are Politics, Social Policy, Fairness & Justice, Cities & Communities, Democracy & Governance, Gender, Race & Identity, and Poverty, Inequality & Opportunity.

Sten Hagberg – Professor of Cultural Anthropology and director of the Forum for African Studies at Uppsala University, Sweden 

Sten’s PhD research focused on dispute settlement between farmers and herders in Burkina.  He has conducted anthropological research in Burkina Faso since 1988 and in Mali since 2008 covering themes including dispute settlement, local politics, environment, development, democracy and social movements. His research nowadays focuses on political culture, municipal democracy, local development, the mass media, security and popular struggle.

Tomila Lankina – Professor of International Relations, at London School of Economics, UK

Tomila´s research focuses on comparative democracy and authoritarianism, mass protests and historical patterns of human capital and democratic reproduction in Russia and other states. She is currently working on a book on the long-term patterns of reproduction of social structures in Russia and why this matters for democracy, development and social inequalities.

Valeria Guarneros-Meza, Reader in Public Policy and Politics, at De Montfort University, UK

Valeria’s research focus has been on local politics, citizen participation, governance, collaboration, partnership and Latin America. She has been able to study these topics within the English and Welsh contexts and in Mexico and Latin America. She has done studies on the impact that structural economic changes and institutional socio-political reforms have on local governance. Also, democratic principles such as inclusion and accountability have also an area of interest, particularly how these concepts and meanings affect the organisational structures of local government as well as the practices and behaviour of local government bureaucrats. 

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