ICLD Fieldwork Grant

ICLD:s Fieldwork Grant är ett program för masterstudenter i Sverige. Syftet med programmet är att ge studenter en möjlighet att genomföra fältarbete i ett av ICLD:s samarbetsländer. Varje uppsats ska ha en stark koppling till lokal demokrati och bidra till att förstå hur lokal demokrati kan leda till hållbar utveckling och fattigdomsminskning. Studenter får söka upp till 20,000 SEK för att utföra fältarbetet i minst 5 veckor i ett av samarbetsländerna.

Ansökan är öppen till den 31 oktober. Om du har frågor, kontakta oss på Research@icld.se

Ansök online här under genom att skicka in en Projektbeskrivning tillsammans med CV och Motivationsbrev.

Inspireras av tidigare stipendiater nedan. Du har även tillgång till tidigare uppsatser här.

ICLD considers applicants from within the framework of a social science, communication or humanities education at a Swedish university. A student who has been granted a Fieldwork Grant shall collect material for his or her master’s thesis at least five weeks on site in a low- or middle-income country. The field period shall be used for the collection and processing of data. The student must plan his/her field stay and, together with his/her thesis supervisor, contact a local supervisor and/or other necessary contacts abroad.

The thesis shall contribute to understanding how local democracy and good governance can contribute to achieving sustainable development and poverty reduction. In addition to the academic quality of the proposal, the project will be be assessed by the extent to which it shows relevance to the Sustainable Development Goals and to ICLD’s strategic areas: equity, participation, transparency and accountability.

Priority will be given to studies conducted in one of the following countries in which ICLD operates: Bolivia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Botswana, Colombia, Georgia, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Kosovo, Moldova, Mozambique, Namibia, North Macedonia, Serbia, South Africa, Tanzania, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe. However, students conducting research on local governments in other parts of the world are also welcome to apply.

Recipients are required to participate in a preparatory course, but we may allow for some flexibility due to the pandemic. The course deals with Swedish development cooperation, ICLD’s work in more detail, and information on travel and health issues, safety and country information. The course will also deal with expectations and conditions for the studies.


To be eligible to apply, you must:

  • Be an International Master’s student enrolled at a Swedish University. Swedish students who did not receive a Minor Field Studies grant from Sida may also apply.
  • Must be traveling to conduct research supporting a thesis or final project.
  • Be preparing to write your thesis in your thesis semester

Application instructions

Interested students submit a completed application via the online application form by October 31.

The application should include:

  • Short but strong letter of motivation (maximum 1 page) in English to support the suggested activity and why it is essential for the applicant’s studies.
  • Project Description (see Research Template)
  • CV – Maximum 2 pages

Information for applicants

  • Funds will be transferred to the recipient’s account within six weeks of award notification.
  • Recipients must notify the ICLD Knowledge Centre if the trip must be postponed or cancelled.
  • Recipients will write a travel story (max 1 A4 side) to be submitted to ICLD within three months of returning to Sweden. High resolution JPEG images which capture the essence of the project (the research problem, methods and findings) are also required. The travel story may also be in digital (video) format.
  • The award recipient agrees to be involved in dissemination activities to inform other students about the ICLD Fieldwork Grant.
  • Award details, including text and images from reporting may be used in ICLD publications and its communications channels.
  • The award recipients may be asked to present their study at ICLD at a mutually convenient date.
  • If the recipient does not conduct his/her study trip, the grant must be repaid in full to ICLD.

Data protection

Your information will be treated in the strictest confidence and will only be used in connection with your application, and will not be shared with any other third parties. If successful, information about your project, including names of participants and affiliated organisations, will be published on our website, kept as part of ICLD’s archive, and may be used to promote ICLD’s Fieldwork Grant programme. Information about unsuccessful projects will be entered into ICLD’s archive.

Adelina Chandra

Degree: MSc Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science, Lund University, Sweden

Fieldwork location: Indonesia

Title: To grip or to slip: smallholder inclusion in sustainable palm oil certifications in Riau, Indonesia

Stipo Mihaljević

Degree: MSc Political Science, Umeå University, Sweden

Fieldwork location: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Title: Breaking the walls: the first Pride March in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Laura Fløytrup

Degree: MSc Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science, Lund University, Sweden

Fieldwork location: Tanzania

Title: Burning the woods and flooding the slums: examining the socio-economic and environmental burden of wood charcoal in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Oscar Lwiindi

Degree: MSc Welfare Policies and Management, Lund University, Sweden

Fieldwork location: Zambia

Title: Participation of women with disabilities in local government decision making structures: Unpacking the silent voice. A qualitative study conducted in Lusaka, Zambia

Idriss Koromah

Degree: MSc Rural Development and Natural Resources Management, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

Fieldwork location: Sierra Leone

Title: Local participation in natural resource management initiatives: A case study of the Gola REDD+ project in Sierra Leone

Ishmael Kwarteng

Degree: MSc Human Geography, Stockholm University, Sweden

Fieldwork location: Ghana

Title: Our existence matters: Experiences and belonging of urban space from street hawkers perspective: A case study of La-Nkwantanang-Madina municipal area

Keith Nyende

Degree: MA Peace and Development Work, Linnaeus University, Sweden

Fieldwork location: Uganda

Title: Refugee local integration: Local governments as stakeholders in the implementation of the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework in Uganda

Alina Breceda Martos

Degree: Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science, Lund University, Sweden

Fieldwork location: Mexico

Title: Analyzing the Santa Maria Bay through the Social-Ecological System Framework: Identifying leverage points for sustainability in La Reforma, Sinaloa

Monicah Tshabatau

Degree: Sustainable Development, Uppsala University, Sweden

Fieldwork location: Botswana

Title: Women and water scarcity in Botswana: Challenges and strategies in Kweneng District – The case study of Gakuto Village

Gilbert Mwale

Degree: Rural Development and Natural Resource Management, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

Fieldwork location: Zambia

Title: Elite control over decision-making processes and conditions that make them responsive to the public

Maria Gomez Fonseca

Degree: Development Studies, Lund University, Sweden

Fieldwork location: South Africa

Title: Having the freedom to having freedom” Youth Participatory Assessment of Accessibility in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Mukuka Mulenga

Degree: Sustainable Development, Uppsala University, Sweden

Fieldwork location: Zambia

Title: Assessing the awareness, adoptability and sustainability of improved pellet cook stoves of low income households in Lusaka, Zambia

Tendai Madzaramba

Degree: Water Resources Engineering, Lund University, Sweden

Fieldwork location: South Africa

Title: Onsite greywater treatment for reuse at Zandspruit informal settlement in Johannesburg

Siri Ahlzén

Degree: Political Science, Uppsala University, Sweden

Fieldwork location: Zambia

Title: Understanding corruption through social norms – a case study of local government in Lusaka

Laura Betancur Alarcón

Degree: Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science, Lund University, Sweden

Fieldwork location: Colombia

Title: Peace in the peaks? Changes in water and land distribution in Colombia’s southern highlands during the Post-Peace Agreement phase

Jonathan Wirths

Degree: International Development and Management, Lund University, Sweden

Fieldwork location: India

Title: Opportunities for Sustainable Water Governance in Ranchi, Jharkhand, India