Programme objectives

Public Financial Management and Local Economic Development

The main objective of this advanced International Training Programme (ITP) is to contribute to equipping Municipal officials with skills in Financial Management and Local Economic Development.

The main focus will be Municipal Asset management, Digitalization of Municipal systems and business processes, Localization of the SDG’s, Public Procurement and Financial management, Credit Worthiness for Municipalities, Innovation in Local Governance, PPP (Private-Public-Partnerships), Attracting and supporting SMME’s, Exploring Alternative ways of financing local authorities, Local revenue enhancement, Gender Responsive Participatory budgeting, and Climate Smart Investments.  The programme will also foster individual learning in several areas relevant to Financial Management and Local Economic Development.

Expected outcomes include:

  • Knowledge of methods to identify vulnerable sectors in the society and develop action plans
  • Awareness about transparency, accountability, inclusion and equity and knowledge about methodologies to facilitate the integration of these four areas into policy and decision making
  • Improved skills as a “change agent” in initiating and implementing organisational change
  • Improved skills as process/project manager
  • The Change Project has supported a process of capacity development and organisational change
  • Expanded professional network