Public Financial Management and Local Economic Development

Local authorities are the first line of response to citizens’ needs and bear the primary responsibility for the well-being of their communities. However, to be successful, local authorities must have the necessary competences, financial means and autonomy.

This International Training Programme (ITP) on Municipal Financing supporting Local Development and Local Democracy is specially designed for local government officials from Botswana, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia with a mandate to run processes of change.  The main focus will be Municipal Asset Management, Digitalization of Municipal systems and business processes, Localization of the SDG’s, Public Procurement and Financial Management, Credit Worthiness for Municipalities, Innovation in Local Governance, PPP (Private-Public-Partnerships), Attracting and supporting SMME’s, Exploring Alternative ways of financing local authorities, Local revenue enhancement, Gender Responsive Participatory budgeting and Climate Smart Investments.  The programme will also foster individual learning in several areas relevant to Financial Management and Local Economic Development.

The ITP supports these processes by providing participants with the latest information, research and data on Financial Management and Local Economic Development, practical adaptation and examples, and by giving participants the opportunity to exchanges ideas with international and regional expertise and practitioners in the field. New skills will be put into practice through implementation of a “change project” specifically designed by the participant to contribute to sound municipal financing and local economic development. Thus, commitment to the programme is expected not just from the participant, but also from his/her organization.

Swedish know-how on integration of science into strategic, societal planning to build sustainable, democratic and resilient societies is based on a long tradition of close cooperation between scientists and decision-makers.  

ICLD is proud to provide this International Training Programme together with the United Nations Capital Fund on behalf of Sida. Together we can make a difference.

Karin Melin, Director ICLD Training Programmes