Public Financial Management and Local Economic Development

The programme has a strong focus on Municipal financial management and local economic development.

The programme is a joint venture between the ICLD and the UN Capital Development Fund’s Global programmes. It will draw on the experiences from Sweden and from Swedish municipalities as well as experiences and expertise from the participating countries. The hybrid ICLD-UNCDF ITP methodology is designed to facilitate capacity development for senior level managers as change agents that drive institutional and policy reform processes designed to bring significant change in the local government sector.

The following topics will be addressed:

  • Tools in financial management
  • Local revenue management and Gender Responsive Planning and Budgeting
  • Tools for promotion of Local Economic Development
  • Tools to profile and implement Municipal Asset Management plans
  • Areas for digitalization in Municipal systems and processes
  • Alternative ways of financing Municipal programmes
  • Alternative ways of financing Municipal Development
  • Public Private partnerships for local development
  • Support of SMMEs and Partnerships with the Private Sector
  • Gender enabling approaches to local development, municipal financing and decentralized governance
  • Climate Smart Investments
  • Credit worthiness for Municipalities


This ITP is implemented by ICLD in partnership with UN Capital Development Fund, UNCDF.

UNCDF is the UN’s capital investment agency for the world’s 48 least developed countries (LDCs). With its capital mandate and instruments, UNCDF offers “last mile” finance models that unlock public and private resources, especially at the domestic level, to reduce poverty and support local economic development. This last mile is where available resources for development are scarcest; where market failures are most pronounced; and where benefits from national growth tend to leave people excluded. 

By strengthening how finance works for poor people at the household, small enterprise, and local infrastructure levels, UNCDF contributes to SDG 1 on eradicating poverty with a focus on reaching the last mile and addressing exclusion and inequalities of access.  At the same time, UNCDF deploys its capital finance mandate in line with SDG 17 on the means of implementation, to unlock public and private finance for the poor at the local level. By identifying those market segments where innovative financing models can have transformational impact in helping to reach the last mile, UNCDF contributes to a number of different SDGs and currently to 28 of 169 targets.