Change project

Public Financial Management and Local Economic Development

Application to this ITP is done is teams, 2-3 participants (local government officials in decision making position) from the same local government.

Each team is expected to formulate and implement a so called “Change Project” as an integral part of the programme. The project should address a real issue of concern to the organization (the local government), thus contribute to translating the theoretical content of the training programme into capacity development and institutional change. An outline of the Change Project shall be submitted as part of the application and plays a key role in the selection of participants.

Organisations that can show how the Change Project will make a real positive change and contribute to their deliveries will have an advantage.

The Change Project requires strong commitment and involvement by the participant´s organisation in terms of general support, allocation of time and budget. The project will be implemented within the 18 months of the ITP.

Please note; there is no funding available from Sida or ICLD for project implementation.