Meet Danny Chibinda

Meet Danny Chibinda
Zambian mentor

Name: Danny B. Chibinda

Country: Zambia

How long have you been a mentor?
– 3 years.

How did you learn about ICLD?
– My knowledge about ICLD came about in the year 2016 from the efforts I made to look for a partnership for the Zambian municipality I worked for with Swedish municipalities. One of the municipalities I contacted gave me the link to the website for ICLD where I learned more about the work of ICLD.

Areas of Expertise: Sustainable Development (SDGs integration), Project Management and Community Engagement/Mobilisation.

Why did you become a mentor?
– To share my knowledge and experience with teams to develop and implement change processes and projects that are responsive to societal needs and achievable and enrich my professional network and capacity.

Why do you like to mentor?
– It is interesting to be a mentor because I learn greatly from the projects/processes from other countries, the input from other mentors, ICLD staff and other experts that are engaged by ICLD to deliver special lectures.

What are the success factors for building dynamic, inclusive and professional mentoring culture?
– Constant and candid communication with the team members and being open minded but assertive when guiding the teams.

What is the most challenging thing while being a mentor?
– Mediating to reconcile divergent views among team members regarding the direction the change project/process should take. Similarly, lobbying for support from the municipality when it is made known to top management that ICLD does not fund project activities in the community/municipality.

What is your passion in life?
– To work with communities to building inclusive, prosperous and resilient communities for all humanity.