ITP studies

Why ITP?

Taking part in an international training programme (ITP) gives the participants the chance to study Swedish experiences, models and cutting edge skills. It also, thanks to the other delegates and the structure of the programmes, gives them the opportunity to share and learn from the experiences of other developing countries. 

This approach requires active involvement by all participants. It is the collective input of the participants, the programme management team, and the other contributors that creates the international training programmes, and this is why it is so important that everyone actively shares their expertise and experiences.

Who is ITP for?

The international training programmes are designed for decision-makers and administrative officials in developing countries who work in the public sector, but people from relevant trade and industry sectors or voluntary organisations are also welcome to participate in ICLD’s training programmes in cases where it is felt they can assist in the promotion of democracy-related work at a local level in the country in question. 

There is often considerable diversity amongst the 25 or so participants accepted for each programme, and they may work at completely different levels in the public sector. The one thing they all have in common, however, is that they are key individuals within their respective organisations. The goal of the acceptance process is to establish a balance between, on the one hand, ensuring a dynamic mix of participants and, on the other hand, recognising the advantages that may accrue from several of the participants coming from the same organisation. 


What does an ITP cost?

ICLD covers the following costs during the training:

  • Participation fee and training materials.
  • Travel to and from workshops in different countries and Sweden. Board and lodging costs during workshops and time spent in Sweden. 
  • Insurance for participants when travelling outside their home country in connection with the training.
  • Please note that as of January 1, 2020, ICLD will not pay per diem to programme participants during any workshop taking place outside of Sweden. Read our per diem policy

Which countries are eligible for the programmes?

Each programme has its specific rules, search by country to find out (dont forget to select Training Programme in the box Activity area).

Do I have to speak English?

Participants are expected to be able to write, discuss, and make presentations in English, so they need to have a high level of fluency in the language. 

How do I apply?

The application must be submitted before the application period expires and be submitted online here. The application page also contains details of what to include with your application. Once you have been accepted, and you and your organisation’s leader have confirmed that you will be participating in the programme, you will receive a letter containing all the information you need.

The training will require you to be in good health and capable of full-time work. ICLD operates an anti-discrimination policy and all training courses are open to anyone, irrespective of physical ability. If you have any type of disability, please let us know, so that we can resolve any practical issues that may arise.

Can I bring any of my family members with me to the training sessions? 

No, course participants may not be accompanied by family members.