Nudging for Sustainability: Insights for Sustainable Consumption

Regional focus: Kenya & Sweden / The Climate Action Network

Time: October 2023 – April 2024

This small-scale project is the follow up on a Local Democracy Lab with Mombasa County and the region of Västerbotten, where they jointly asked researchers the question: ”How can we use nudging to promote sustainable consumption and waste management by civic engagement (and enhanced capacity building)?

To evolve the lab discussion, this project aims to contextualize global best practices in nudging within the unique socio-cultural and administrative landscapes of Mombasa and Västernorrland, facilitating effective sustainable consumption and waste management strategies.

Research questions:

  1. What are the global best practices in using nudging techniques for sustainable consumption and waste management?
  2. How do experts from Mombasa and Västernorrland perceive the application and challenges of nudging within their specific contexts?
  3. How can the insights from global best practices be tailored and implemented effectively in Mombasa and Västernorrland?

Abstract: This project seeks to explore the potential of nudging as a transformative tool to enhance sustainable consumption and waste management in Mombasa and Västernorrland. Leveraging a comparative expert analysis approach, the research will commence with a comprehensive global best practice analysis to benchmark successful nudging interventions worldwide. This foundational understanding will be enriched by in-depth expert interviews from both regions, gathering insights on the nuances, challenges, and tailored solutions for nudging within their unique contexts. By synthesizing global best practices with regional expertise, the study aims to offer actionable, evidence-based strategies for local governments. The objective is not just to understand nudging in theory but to contextualize its application for real-world impact, ensuring sustainability initiatives are both effective and culturally resonant. Through this rigorous approach, the research aspires to bridge the gap between global knowledge and local implementation, fostering a sustainable future driven by informed decision-making.


  • Jua Cilliers, Professor of Urban Planning, Head of School of Built Environment, University of Technology Sydney

Project Area
Environment/Climate change
Sustainable Development Goals
13 - Climate action
Participatory democracy, citizen dialogues and budgeting