Organisational readiness

Assessing your organisational readiness at the outset of the project will allow you to compare this baseline with the situation at the end of the project, the endline. This will help you to track organisational changes that your project has contributed to, as well as unexpected results that may have happened in the organisation. The ICLD will assess your results to monitor progress and evaluate how trainings can be improved in the future to strengthen participants as change-agents.

This tool will allow you to make an assessment and think about actions of how you can impact your own local government through your project or process. It focuses on how you can increase your local government’s readiness to address your issue so that your local government will have a better readiness in the organisation to address similar issues in the future, as a result of the mark left by your project.

This tool will also serves as a complement to the LFA method, relating to steps 3, 4 and 5. Before using the tool, it is preferable that you have done at least step 3 in your LFA-planning so that you have thought about the problems that you wish to address.