Local Democracy Academy 2022 – Conference Proceedings

The Local Democracy Academy 2022, organized by ICLD on June 6-10, was a forum where researchers from all over the world met to share knowledge and exchange ideas on policy-relevant research for local democracy. The theme – Transformative Local Governance – generated a lot of interest, and led to sustaining researcher networks and increased understanding for the connection between research and policy. The Academy offered four core learning experiences for the participants: Thematic streams according to current policy issues and the participants core research interests; A training session on case-based writing; A training session on comparative policy writing and ensuing public speaking performance; and Local Democracy Labs – a discussion forum with local governments on the most pressing policy questions these currently face.

Thematic streams:

  1. Climate Action with or without Local Democracy
  2. Feminist Cities
  3. Tactical Urbanism
  4. Child Friendly Cities
  5. Action Research for equitable health
  6. Participatory budgeting in marginalised areas
  7. Digital Services
  8. Transformative Local Governments