ITP – Local Political Leaders - Capacitating Women in Politics

Women are severely underrepresented in political decision making bodies. Today women constitute19 percent of the members of parliaments around the world and the situation is the same in local governments across the world, on average women make up 23 percent of municipal councils. According to a survey conducted by the UN in 2010, only 9% of the Mayors in sub-Saharan Africa were women. The rationale of the International Training Program (ITP) “Local Political Leaders - Capacitating Women in Politics” is therefore to focus on elected women leaders in the selected countries. By strengthening the capacity of the selected candidates and strengthening the networks among them, important steps in achieving a higher degree of involvement of women in politics is taken. After completing the program, the participants are expected to have acquired improved knowledge and skills in the following areas:

– Knowledge on how to carry out reform processes with a gender perspective
– Improved skills in change management and strategic planning
– Roles and responsibilities of different stakeholder sin the political process

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Local Political Leaders

Local Political Leaders

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