ITP – Gender Mainstreaming Local Democracy

The programme is based on Agenda 2030 and the 17 sustainable development goals. A special focus is placed on goal #5 – gender equality. Every local government participating in the programme is therefore expected to carry out a change process using the gender mainstreaming method. Many Swedish municipalities use gender mainstreaming as a strategy for achieving the Swedish government’s gender equality political goals. Gender mainstreaming means that a gender equality assessment must be conducted of all policies that affect the way people live, so that everyone – women and men, girls and boys – can live gender-equal lives.

  • Improved knowledge about the importance and advantage of decentralization and good governance with a gender perspective inorder to achieve socio-economic development

  • Nature, scope and purpose of local governments in a multi-level democracy

  • Understanding and using relevant tools to support local development and local democracy

  • Improved skills in change management and strategic planning

  • Different approaches to implement decentralized governance reform processes

  • Expanded national and international networks in support of local development and decentralized governance at different levels.

Gender Perspective

Gender Perspective

Year 2018
Cooperation country Zambia Tanzania Kenya Uganda