Upplands-Bro and Muranga, Kenya

Project: Youth Participation

Upplands-Bro and Muranga County are in many ways two very different municipalities in different parts of the world. At the same time, there are in many ways a similar problem of the often low participation of young people in the local community in general and in cultural and leisure activities in particular. It is also the case that some groups are underrepresented in cultural and leisure activities, often young people from socio-economically weaker areas. As a young person, being included in contexts and places where you get the chance to develop your interests, meet people and be able to influence are some of the keys in creating a better local community.

If the project can create greater participation among young people, we also believe that it can contribute to positive effects on problems of exclusion, drugs, crime, mental illness and unemployment. Therefore, through the power of culture and leisure, this project wants to contribute in various ways in achieving the sustainable goals set by the respective municipal leaders and to the goals set by Agenda 2030.