Youth for Democracy and Human Rights

Overall Objective:
The vision of this project is to create outstanding sustainable platforms, which endure over times, in both municipalities for youth which enhances their participation, democratic activity and human rights.

This would be a forum for youth, in which they can express themselves, having dialogue between themselves and with different stakeholders, on issues that are of concern for youth in their respective municipality. This project should be perceived as a continuance of the project “Creating Capacity Centers for Sustainable Development”, which supported sharing of information, learning and initiatives for sustainable development in both Robertsfors and Machakos. This should also be perceived as project supporting the ideas and goals in the governing documents, i.e strategic plans, for both municipalities.

Project Objective:
The objective of this project is to build youth forum for democracy and human rights in both municipality, which has a sufficient stability and capacity for developing towards outstanding platforms for youth.

The specific objectives for this project are the following:

  • to find out among the youth in both municipalities how they perceive democratic possibilities and human rights situation in their municipalities
  • to identify entry points, activities, strategies and organizational possibilities which will enhance democratization and human rights for youth both municipalities
  • to educate youth in both municipalities on democracy and human rights, and on environmental challenges from a rights-based perspective
  • to establish support and understanding for the importance of this project in the community