Piteå and Chinsali, Zambia

Project: Women’s empowerment through development of local democracy (Step 2)

From Chinsali there is a pronounced need and interest in continued cooperation. Developing transparency, citizens’ dialog, more involvement, developing awareness of gender equality as a knowledge area, examine the municipality’s responsibilities needs to continue and need support. From Piteå we will continue to build understanding of what an international project can give. Equality and citizenship dialogue are areas prioritized in both municipalities, we can have a common learning by following developments in our municipalities, looking at similarities and differences.

Based on our experience and the good results from our cooperation, we want to continue the democracy development process together. We have a need to meet to share skills, experience and methods. We want to process results, explore and merge ideas and involve. The three years we had now in a partnership have been interesting, exciting and instructive for us who were involved. We can note that three years is a short period for making changes in areas based on attitudes and values. Building democracy is an ongoing work that needs to be strengthened with knowledge building in the long term.