Waste Management Plan for Kavango Region

The waste in the region is not taken care of in an environmental, economic and social acceptable way. The region doesn’t have any excising waste managing plan. The Kavango Regional Council’s and the town council’s capacity to handle waste management in an administrative acceptable way is not enough developed.

The overall objective of the project is that the citizens in the Kavango Region will have the sustainable long-term system for the management of waste, an increased quality of life and a better local democracy.

The impact from waste to the environment and to people has dramatically decreased. A long-term environmentally and economic sustainable system for recycling of for instance tin-cans, plastic bottles, metal and plastic has been implemented.

The project will give sufficient knowledge and experience from Vetlanda Municipality to Kavango Regional Council and the Town Councils in the region to complete a waste management plan containing a new waste disposal site, a national and local recycling system, an environmentally and economically sustainable transport system for waste and an increased public awareness.