Växjö and Vushtrri, Kosovo

Växjö and Vushtrri partnership is embarking on a new project that seeks to improve accessibility to municipal services and information by effectively managing municipal archives.

The project identifies three key beneficiary groups: citizens in rural areas, ethnic minorities, and students/researchers at universities. These groups face challenges in accessing information and documents due to factors such as transportation limitations, language barriers, and lack of prioritization and digitization by the municipality.

It aims to enhance the municipality’s organisational readiness in two areas: policy implementation and community participation. For policy implementation, the project focuses on improving archive management through the implementation of new methods and learnings. It also emphasizes community participation by enhancing dialogue and communication with citizens through various channels. International visits and collaborations with civil society organizations, schools, and stakeholders are planned to facilitate peer learning and knowledge exchange.

Overall, the project aims to improve accessibility to municipal services and enhance community participation through effective archive management and strengthened partnerships.