Västerås City and Gaborone City Council

Continuing the partnership between Gaborone and Västerås this is a knowledge and experience exchange project within waste management and sustainable consumption.

The overall objective is to achieve improved community resilience and a more sustainable environment in Gaborone and in Västerås.

This will be achieved by targeting three organisational areas:

  1. Political commitment – Engage the political leadership in the development of Gaborone City Council integrated solid waste management plan and the implementation of the same.
  2. Information sharing – Formulate communication plan; categorising stakeholders
  3. Inclusion of minorities and underrepresented groups – When policy formulating; consult and engage the minority and underrepresented groups.

The project will provide the partners with experience regarding project management, residents dialogue, community empowerment, public-private collaboration, and more, thus strengthening the organisations’ capacities to deal with complex challenges in the future. The residents’ awareness of how their behaviors affect local environmental health is expected to increase.