Umeå and Kajiado, Kenya

Project: Service Design in Libraries

The county organization in Kajiado, Kenya is planning for the first public library. The library will be a centre point for literature, information and much more. The library will be located in an area with a high number of non-reading population. Kajiado lacks capacity for governance, management and coordination of Library services design and there are no plans or policies developed. Therefore, the project aims to produce a comprehensive strategic plan for Library Service and Design in Kajiado County. Stakeholder involvement and dialogue will be an important aspect of the project especially in the planning phase.

The library organization in the city of Umeå has many years of experiences in working with library plans, strategic learning, e-learning, information to the community and much more. The city of Umeå has also established several new libraries, both the new culture house which is a meeting point in the centre of Umeå and the combined school and public libraries. On a strategic level the libraries in Umeå also work with library plans which can be useful to use in this project.