Sustainable Shoreline Development

The project builds upon a previous Development/Expansion phase with focus on sustainable development in shoreline areas. The municipality of Vänersborg and Chobe District Council have an ongoing, well functioning partnership and would like to expand that by developing their similar resources; being located close to nature and water. We see that these prerequisites could become a resource for income generating activities meanwhile serving with possibilities for the citizens recreational opportunities.

The project gathers different actors, organisations and residents to commonly develop a strategy document in their respective municipalities. The documents should clarify how to reach a sustainable development for recreation and entrepreneurship in connection to the shorelines and waters. A development which should happen with respect to nature and climate while giving new opportunities for social meeting places and jobs.

The project strives to accomplish strategic documents which can function as guidelines within the municipalities. Parallel to formulating the documents the project process will be utilized to establish new contacts and networks between different stakeholders, give opportunities to participation in the development and increase knowledge on how to work with these questions in the continuation.