Solid Waste Recycling

Waste management is a significant environmental issue in both Åmål and Manafwa, the dissemination of knowledge and understanding are major challenges.

This area is a priority and the dissemination has been planned to occur in all ages and groups, but has been started with students in primary schools. The aim is to spread knowledge to the home and to interested groups in the area. At the same time, the projects have been carried out through collaboration of a school in Åmål and Manafwa where working practices have differed somewhat. In Åmål questionnaires have been supplemented by instruction, while in Manafwa the education is to be supplemented by contact with the families and the organizations.

The guiding principle of the project is to create an understanding that waste is a resource, not a problem. The project also had the ambition to create an understanding and knowledge of the governing politicians and officials. Knowledge exchange also took place between other municipalities in Sweden, Uganda and Kenya. Åmåls and Manafwa municipalities agree that there is a basis for further development of cooperation in the environmental field.