Renewable Energy Pilot

The overall objective of the project is improved organizational structures and preparedness for energy-related issues.

With the help of this project we see that in 10-15 years the following has happened:

  • more micro production in South Africa and Sweden – meaning less preasure on existing power grids
  • solar panels will be more commercially viable in 10-15 years, meaning more clean energy in our cities
  • Gävle and Buffalo City will both have reached the EU 2020 target of 20% improvement in energy efficiency
  • mercury lighting is abolished in both municipalities
  • a reduced energy consumption per capita in both municipalities

When the project is finalized, both Gävle Energi and Buffalo City will have exchanged methods for improving energy efficiency, established pre-requisites for implementation of renewable energy sources (pilots) and improved organisational structures and preparedness for energy-related issues