Region Stockholm and Jinja, Uganda

Child Health Collaboration

The Regional Council of Stockholm (RS) through Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital (ALB) and Jinja District in Uganda are applying for this inception phase with the objective to explore ways to improve quality of care in areas affecting child health with a specific focus on 1) neonates 2) children with developmental delays/impairment 3) children in need of emergency/critical care. Evidence suggests that professional exchange and joint improvement projects can contribute to increased quality of care. The well-established management routines and hygiene practice along with a non-hierarchal communication within the Swedish health care system has the potential to increase the participation and responsibility of all staff cadres and through that contribute to improvements in the quality of care. For the Swedish party, the project enables exposure to conditions and situations that are becoming increasingly unusual in the Swedish healthcare context, but which nevertheless require maintained competence given an increasingly globalized world.