Project for Rescue Service

This new project is a logical continuation of the ICLD funded inception project Rescue Service between Region Kronoberg and Tlokwe City Council which was very successful.

The main problem of this project is how can the Rescue Service (Fire Brigade Service) get a more effective rescue operation with existing resources. There are many factors that can explain why the Rescue Services (Fire Brigade Services) are not as efficient as they could be. Some of the factors are fields which we cannot have an effect on within this project and other fields are highly relevant for this project to develop.

The long term overall objectives:

  • Fewer people are killed in accidents.
  • Prevent the loss of and damage to the wealth accumulated by the community.
  • Usage of resources in an optimal way.
  • Minimization of the cost for the society.
  • None of the staff getting hurt during a rescue operation.
  • The residents and visitors in the municipality feel safe and secure.
  • Secure investment in the community.

The project is to develop a method for skills development at the respective Rescue Service (Fire Brigade Services) with existing resources. With existing resources we mean both financial and human resources, and with the human resources we need to take advantage of the expertise that already exists within the both organizations.