Växjö and Vushtrri, Kosovo

Project: Sustainability education in preschool/primary school

The purpose of the three-year project (2019-2021) is to strengthen the organizational capacity of the municipalities to educate preschool/primary school students in Vushtrri and Växjö about the environment and sustainability.

For Växjö, it entails developing working methods and cross-border cooperation, both locally and globally. For Vushtrri’s part, it is about introducing a new subject in preschools/ primary schools.

The project aims at improving the municipalities’ capacity and learning through collegial exchanges as well as mapping of environmental and sustainability-related methods that will be integrated into each municipality. The project builds on the previously executed MIS-project which focused on environmental education in school for students age 10-15. The proposed project aims to build on the lessons learned from that project, but by further deepening the cooperation, and involving school management and politicians to give the project a long-term perspective.

The project will involve a total of 12 participants from both municipalities. The project will highlight methodology, materials and working methods linked to the focus area, and involve external experts. The methodology will be tested among teachers and 500 preschool students. Finally, the project is linked to the goals in Agenda 2030, goal 4, which stipulates a good education for all.