Lycksele and Homa Bay, Kenya

Project: Pilot showcase – sustainable handling of waste and water

This project will develop capacity for sustainable waste and water management at the sub-county, ward and village level in Homa Bay County. The project arose from an already existing partnership focusing on Governance for Sustainable waste and water management in Homa Bay County, with the aim to produce plans and policies. The project is also linked to a project with focus on governance and management for equitable health care. Focus is on results in Homa Bay County, however with ambitions to increase knowledge and understanding of the importance of sustainable waste and water management at the individual level in the Municipality of Lycksele with focus on the younger generation.

The aim is that the selected sub-county/ward/village can develop into a Pilot showcase that will be of importance for the whole county, and not only the actual sub-county, ward and village where the solutions will be identified. Good examples and communicative efforts are needed in Homa Bay County, as well as in other counties in Kenya since the challenges are shared by many at the sub-county, ward and village level. The showcase can therefore be of importance for other parts of Kenya that face the same challenges.