Lund and Francistown, Botswana

The local government office has the assignment to investigate possibilities to start a municipal partnership to promote local democracy and international co-operation with focus on the Agenda 2030. During the time of finding a municipal partner, ICLD returned with an inquiry regarding Lund´s interest in participating in a new concept, a platform containing extended support from ICLD in the application process and further during the project time. Lund will have the opportunity to participate in a network with 3 to 4 other municipal partnerships for exchange of experience during the project time.

The theme of the projects relates to Human Rights on the local level i.e. equity, inclusion of young people, accessibility or issues concerning minorities with the objective to support the guidance and leadership on the local and regional level. By implementing new structures, processes, methods of evaluation and steering documents, we will be able to accomplish sustainable change.Since Lund city council decided in 2018 to work systematically with issues concerning Human Rights, which makes the city of Lund the first Human Rights city in Sweden, we find the suggested project idea interesting. Local government office in Lund has finished a policy for social sustainability, which intends to be guidelines for the city in H.R. matters.

This, together with the fact that Lund University and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute, are located in Lund and good contacts between these organizations and the city of Lund already are established, we feel this will be good support in the work.With the help of ICLD, Francistown has become our future municipal partner. The city of Francistown has expressed a great interest in both co-operating with the city of Lund and in the suggested theme of the project. University of Botswana is located in the capital but has a campus in Francistown and we have been informed that Lund University and University of Botswana has co-operated for a number of years, which we hope, will bring a positive angle to the project.