Lidköping and Lusaka, Zambia

Project:Climate smart and resilient municipalities Lidköping and City of Lusaka

Our municipalities have underdeveloped sufficient collaboration within and outside the organizations, effective cross-sectoral working methods need to be developed to mobilize resources for climate action.
We will implement initiatives to develop collaboration methods and coordinate actors in our municipalities to prevent and cope with climate change. We will also carry out activities together with young people, politicians and officials in the municipality as well as civil society to increase knowledge about circular thinking, greening, green and blue structure and youth influence.

The sub-goals of the project are:
Circular flows/economy / business models
1 Increased collaboration with organizations and companies through method development and knowledge-raising initiatives around circular flows / circular economy.
2 Strengthened ability to support the business community for increased focus on sustainable resource use and innovation.

Greening / Green and blue structures
3 To have a green and blue structural plan in both municipalities and to implement a focus in working methods and routines

4 Collaborate with external actors to achieve more areas that are planted/maintained and create vibrant city centers with built-in systems to adapt to climate change effects and preserve biodiversity.

5 To have coordinated working methods to enable young people to participate in the municipality’s decision-making processes

6 Developed innovative methods for reaching and involving/engaging younger people in limiting and adapting to climate change

Project leader Lidköping: Maria Zachs, maria.zachs@lidkö
Project leader Lusaka: Katchikoti Banda,