Leseding – give light (Adult education 2)

Leseding is a two-year project sprung from a previous project focusing on Adult Education in South Africa and Sweden. The two areas of focus are career guidance and curriculums.

The South African side wish to develop their career guidance using “the Växjö-model” of Centralen as a starting point (www.centralen.vaxjo.se). In South Africa career guidance today is not as accessible but through the project a plan for and pilot project of career guidance at one of the ABET centres and the city library will set up and implemented.

The Swedish side consisting of Alvesta, Lessebo and Växjö municipalities wish to develop new curriculums using the way South Africa combines theoretical and vocational training in order to find a new method of work to motivate the students to continue their studying and to reduce drop-outs. This means the two participating countries will act as learners in one case and experts in another.

Several visits to each country will take place as well as home based work in between in order to reach the expected results of implementing new curriculums in Alvesta, Lessebo and Växjö as well as making career guidance more accessible to the community in Potchefstroom. These visits will include study visits, in-depth discussions and internships in order for the participants to take part of the daily work and get a full understanding of how it is conducted. The project will start in November 2009 and end November 2011.

The objectives of the project are:

  • to do an in-depth study of the Växjö-model for student guidance including management of such centre and skills development in order to create something similar adapted to the conditions in Potchefstroom;
  • to create new curriculums for the Swedish adult education in Växjö. Lessebo and Alvesta combining basic and vocational training;
  • to create a “meeting place/learning centre” for basic skills (Swedish/Math) to be used together with work practice/knowledge of life and Swedish culture.