Youth development program

The overall objective is the strengthening of youth leadership that has the expertise to work with local democratic development, leadership in multicultural environments and harsh environments of the sport as an arena. 

The following objectives will be implemented during the project: 

  • An internet-based training will be conducted for at least twenty leaders.
  • Exchanges programs will be implemented in each country.
  • At least two associations in Kronoberg will create a plan to sponsor exchange/work.
  • All Kronoberg municipalities should be represented in the Project. Information and training will be implemented in all municipalities in Kronoberg.
  • An exchange activities for the second project year should be planned and prepared during the first project year.
  • North West Academy of Sport will extend the contracts/grant period for at least five youths (so called Community Development Officers). During the second project year a further exchange of at least five youths per country enforced, whom appears as volunteers in the association/sporting activities.
  • During the second project year it should start up a sponsorship with two host associations from Kronoberg and create a concept for an Internet-based education, in terms of both content and form.