Youth Access Project

This project is one of four interrelated and integrated projects that form part of one programme or suite of projects. In order to understand the project in this context please refer to the accompanying document titled “Concept Document to accompany applications to ICLD on behalf of City of Gothenburg and Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality for funding 2017-2020” October 2017 version.

We want to participate in the shift away from dealing with access from the traditional mobility and proximity sense. The project supports the main project of accessible cities in the following access considerations considered in a broad interpretation of the word.

  • Politically/democratically/socially
  • Economically
  • Spatially/physically
  • Notionally

This support will be through obtaining, (through processes such as workshops, discussion groups and team activities), youth input and opinions on their experiences regarding access and what can be done to overcome the negative aspects being experienced and to improve accessibility from a youth perspective. It is hoped to obtain practical and useable recommendations.

It is intended to have a four person Youth Access team lead by a Youth Access team leader and comprising two adults, including the team leader, and two youth. The participating groups will be selected on an equitable basis with regard to gender and disability. The project will also create a platform for the expansion of the relationship of youth both within and between the two cities.