Young people’s voices in developing a youth centre

This is a one-year project resulting from the cooperation between Vimmerby municipality and Mukono town council in Uganda.

The projects goal is to enhance youth’s and children’s awareness of democratic, cultural and ethical rights and their potential in Mukono and in Vimmerby.

Both Vimmerby municipal and Mukono city council will achieve the goal through building and establishing a youth centre respectively and also by engaging different stakeholders in the process including: teachers, municipal leaders, youth leaders, different organizations working in the area. The main activities are geared towards influencing young people’s involvement into different democratic processes and decision making in both Vimmerby municipality and Mukono city council.

The overall expectation is that the youth in both Vimmerby and Mukono will have more say through involvement and participation in all issues that affect them with regards to democracy cultural and ethical rights respectively.