Water and Sewage Treatment

This is a three-party cooperation where the municipality if Piesti in Rumania is the third part.

This project comprises an exchange of knowledge and experiences in providing efficient management from a financial/technical aspect of investments, operations and long-term planning within water and sewage treatment. A prioritised issue, identified and relevant in the project, are the need for long-term funding of infrastructure for water, sewage and sludge treatment. Due to very high costs during the investment phase, inefficiency remains due to lack of financial resources.

Experience of this kind does matter for political/economical reasons and aims to give technical support in handling these issues. This implies that AB Borlänge Energi will be sharing own experiences of technical assistance to capacity building in the corporations of Apa Canal within a time frame of three years, starting in 2009.

Main activities are study visits, training sessions, workshops, seminars, university cooperation, PhD posts, examination papers and youth activities to obtain clear perceptions and eruditions from all three partners. Expected results are prioritised activities to be considered by both corporations of Apa Canal and AB Borlänge Energi, partly required by the European Directive and for initiation of projects towards economic growth. Also, by entering a EU membership for Republic of Moldova, investment programmes will become available for Chisinau Apa Canal.

Expected project results are:

  • at least four people from each Apa Canal corporation have got more than one week of practical training organised by AB Borlänge Energi and performed by Swedish corporations of water and sewage treatment
  • at least one person from both Apa Canal corporations have been offered a PhD post at KTH/IVL and National Agency of Higher Education
  • both corporations of Apa Canal have got in on all results from the Swedish expert project – Project of Hammarby Sjöstadsverk
  • all three partners have performed a mutual informative activity focused on youth, involving “Clean Water – The future”
  • a simplified future investment plan has been produced for both corporations of Apa Canal with most focus on Chisinau Apa Canal.