Voices of Reason

The goal for youth in Drakenstein and Kungsbacka, to have a deeper understanding of their history and society and that the channels of influence have been created, has partly been achieved during the year. During the project year, we have jointly created a good platform for further development. The project succeeded in sharing experiences that led to new approaches in each project group. In both Drakenstein and Kungsbacka, young people have had the opportunity to influence and participate in activities at the libraries and young people have shown a good response and want to have a continued influence.

The structure of the political channels of influence has been different in the two municipalities. In Kungsbacka politicians have voted down the proposal of a youth council. Focus has therefore been on developing and strengthening the function of Barbrobetalar as an advisory body, and to plan and arrange a course where politicians, officials and young people will participate. In Drakenstein there has been a developing work with peer – peer education for young people, to become aware and be able to participate in the political process through an advisory body, where the ambition also has been that young people should be represented in all the various wards.