Town Planning and Environment in Mariental

The project “Town planning and environment in Mariental municipality” has knowledge transfer and exchange within the subject of town planning as an objective. The main ideas are first to support Mariental in their role as manager and procurer of plan work from consultants and secondly to offer a forum for knowledge exchange on the topics of urban planning and environment in general.

The project is expected to consist of meetings and communication but also the municipalities acting as “speaking-partners” for each other within the subjects at hand. The project is considered to contribute to an increased local democracy and through that poverty reduction and better living condition through aspects in the project like participation in decision making in the processes around city planning.

Results from the project are:

  • Mariental has a better and wider knowledge on town planning;
  • Mariental feel more secure as a procurer on town planning issues;
  • the town plan takes into account several problem areas considered during the project like flooding, settlements, environment etc.;
  • the plan are known to the public in Mariental.