The School Compass – Finalization of a municipal comparison

The aim is to create, try and evaluate a method for comparison in the purpose to ease understanding about leadership and operation control during partnership projects between different countries and also focus on the management results concerning structural quality, process quality and result quality.

The focus is on education. We have translated and transformed a Swedish evaluation tool, the School Compass into a South African environment and used it as a comparison between two different municipalities: Tshwane (Pretoria/District South ) and Karlskrona. We have seen strengths and weaknesses made visible by the School Compass. 

The results have been very interesting and useful as shown in the reports and analysis. We have also found that the School Compass can be used internationally but it needs preparation and adaption to the international cultural environment and administrative structures. The practical work with the evaluation tool took longer time than expected so the finalizing of the project is still to be done. We now apply for the last step of the project so we can have the mutual evaluation /analysis seminars. We need to have two seminars in both municipalities and also on basis of these make a final documentation of the project, discuss and give example of the implementation of the results.