Sustainable development in primary schools

Kalix and Kampala want to move further with the started work concerning sustainable development and participatory local democracy at primary school level, initiated and approved by Sala Ida in May 2008 (Reported to Sala Ida June 2009). Kalix strives to cover a broader diversity of perspectives on sustainable development directed to teachers, students and school-management departments in both municipalities. Kalix municipality believes that this continuation will complement and enhance greater effort in both municipalities in order to conclude the ongoing cooperation within these topics during next year. The process is that all actors (teachers, students and management of schools involved) will be cooperating through different democratic participatory methods and events.

Goal objectives are:

  • That all participating schools in Kalix (through this project) has managed to reach the award: “Skola för hållbar utveckling”.
  • That all participating schools in Kampala and Kalix have implemented the UN Convention of the Child in their planning processes.
  • Make sure that the cooperation helps to reform educational techniques and methods for participation within the municipalities.