Solid Waste Management

The local governments of Åmål and Manafwa municipalities have identified environmental management as one of the priority areas for municipal partnership.

The key area of the cooperation is capacity building in the field of environmental planning, including elaborating on appropriate methods and tools for administration and management of environmental strategies and actions and this is because, Manafwa municipal faces an immediate challenge in the field of solid waste treatment. 

This is a one-year project that will be beneficial to both Åmal and Manafwa municipals in capacity building by exchange of experience through mutual study visits and training sessions for municipal staff and NGO/CBO representatives. A school-to-school collaboration with focus on environmental issues will be developed.

The capacity building embraces planning, management, information and supervision techniques and tools in the field of solid waste, including waste disposal, separation and re-cycling, popular mobilisation and awareness, particularly among young people. Inputs from Kenya where activities in these fields are more advanced than in Uganda will be part of the project.

Expected results from the project are:

  • Proposal for solid waste management in Manafwa elaborated
  • Appropriate methods and material available for local community mobilisation in Manafwa.
  • Seven representatives from Manafwa trained in appropriate methods for project design, primarily in the field of environmental planning.

In the long term:

  • Recycling carried out as income generating activity.
  • Awareness of waste management stimulated in local communities through continuous information and mobilisation.