SCIP. Sport, culture and integration program

The goal of the project “Sports, culture and integration program”, SCIP: a strengthened, competent municipal department organization where the staff promotes and supports local initiatives for volunteering and association forming within sport, culture and integration work.

The project aims to create knowledge, understanding and insight into how the municipality can encourage and support local initiatives through officials and policy documents to use as tool for social development.

Four main areas of development:

  • Municipal and regional cooperation to strengthen and develop local operations.
  • Increased knowledge of financial support systems.
  • Develop municipal policy documents.
  • Job shadowing for greater understanding and knowledge of tasks and functions.

In the long run, a responsible and efficient organization for local democratic development. 

Culture and Sport activities, through association formations, contribute to a better social environment for children and youth. Greater opportunities for both education and employment. Create a sustainable municipal organization by increasing knowledge, support systems and policy documents.