Vimmerby and Mukono, Uganda

Project: New options for youth employement

This partnership works on developing vocational and study guidance for young people. Both in Mukono Municipality and in Vimmerby municipality. The needs of both municipalities look very different, but so does our knowledge of this field and where we can complement and learn from each other in a very good way. 

The main goal of this partnership is to start up an organization for study and careers in Mukono Municipality. It will when the partnership is over at least one person working on this and can help young people in Mukono to find and choose the right education on the basis of which there are the greatest opportunities to get a job in the municipality. These people should have a good idea of what needs there are among the major companies in the municipality and the work areas where there is a need to employ. They should know what training is required to get these works and where to find these programs. These will also work to find different ways to disseminate this information to as many young people as possible in the community.

The goal is to reduce long-term employment rate in Mukono Municipality. For this to work you need the municipality’s ruling politicians set aside money in the budget to hire these people and we Vimmerby can stand for training and guidance for them. In Mukono, they have made some other small initiatives to help young people start their own businesses as we Vimmerby can learn from and take with us and try to Vimmerby.